Afrontosas is a cultural association with the aim of promoting queer blackness.

Coletivo Afrontosas is a Cultural Association born from meetings between Black, queer people linked to the world of arts, education and celebration. Its emergence was motivated by the absence of projects reflecting on the importance of queer Blackness in the diaspora in Portugal, in confluence with migratory exchanges from Latin America, Africa and other regions.

One of Afrontosa’s objectives is to support, promote and publicise artistic and educational production by Black, queer artists, with the aim of creating intersectional spaces for debate and discussion between cultural agents nationally and internationally.

We fight against structural racism in the art sector in order to make the artistic field in Portugal more diverse in terms of representation and diversity.

The collective aims to be active in five areas: Art and Research; Hospitality and Ancestrality; Consulting and Teaching; Culture and Celebration; and Lifestyle and Fashion Design.