I don't want to talk to people who don't have love" *

Black cultural production in Lisbon is already a creative powerhouse and has mobilised an intense cultural agenda full of aesthetic diversity.

The Performative Nights are an opportunity to bring together different aesthetics in a single meeting that can converge their expressions through the body, image, sound and voice.

The aim of the NP's is to make visible the breadth of the affective and artistic bubble, as well as the aesthetic and political one, among people who are developing their work in Portugal.

As part of the series of activities organised by the Afrontosas Collective, the NP's aim to present performances by black artists from a wide range of fields.

Curated by antonyo omolu and in partnership with Valsa, the first season was held in 2023 and promoted playful, loving, intelligent evenings with an abundance of creative expression. 

*composition: Roberto Carlos and Erasmo Carlos