Art and research

The proposal is to link commissioned projects, exhibitions, public programmes, publications, scholarships and artist residencies. We consider the potential of contemporary art and its study as a possible field for promoting decolonial critique through the application of the concept of intersectionality. We are also interested in creating a series of national and international institutional partnerships to support the production and research of Black Cuír artists. 

The aim is also to create spaces for the articulation between art and education to be aligned in order to generate more spaces for debate and discussion on the role of art in producing critical thinking that is consumed not only by artistic niches, but by other communities. 

Welcome and Ancestry
Producing welcoming spaces based on recovering and maintaining black ancestry, so that we are interested in thinking about cuíeraspora and setting up spaces for socialising, caring for, creating and welcoming black stories and lives through cuírlombismo, as guided by writer and thinker Tatiana Nascimento. Promote meetings between the black cuír community in Portugal in order to promote mutual sharing and healing. 

Consultancy and Teaching
Promoting decolonial and anti-racist education from an intersectional perspective that includes the issue of diaspora and gender identity. Offering courses to the local community and artistic institutions in order to promote anti-racist and decolonial education; Drawing up proposals for institutional consultancy in order to promote structural changes in the ways in which cultural institutions and the arts are organised; 

Culture and Celebration
Realizar eventos para a comunidade local a fim de estabelecer locais seguros para a manifestação celebrativa da cultura negra cuír.Oferecer apoio na produção de eventos a instituições artísticas e de cultura a fim de criar espaços seguros e de acolhimento de pessoas negras cuír. Promover mudanças estéticas nos eventos de arte e de cultura em Portugal a partir da produção de cursos e workshops para pessoas e instituições.

Lifestyle e Fashion Design
Promoting the concept of "montação" as one of the foundations of black queer culture.